What kind of music is played at the dance?
Each band plays swing music, but the music can vary from a
traditional big-band sound to jump blues. Interspersed among the swing
numbers are slower tunes appropriate for foxtrot or two-step.

What should I wear?
Most people dress neatly but comfortably. Although the hall is air-conditioned, dancers tend to overheat, and therefore dress in layers or for warm weather. Most men dress casually, though few wear jeans. Women generally wear casual pants or swingy skirts. Few dancers dress formally, unless they’re wearing zoot suits or ’40s-style dresses. Flat or low-heeled shoes are more comfortable to dance in than high heels, and most dancers prefer leather soles to rubber.

What is the age range of the dancers?
As far as we can tell, we attract all ages. The majority of dancers seem to be between 25 and 65.

Do I need a partner?
The dance is attended by both singles and couples, but probably more singles. The environment is comfortable and non-threatening, and everyone asks everyone else to dance.

What if I don’t know how to swing dance?
There is always a beginners’ swing dance lesson from 7:45 to 8:30. It is geared to the rank beginner and teaches the basics of Jitterbug. The lesson also provides a good opportunity to meet people before the dance begins.

Can I get in free if I volunteer to work at the dance?
Yes. email Roger to sign up. In exchange for an hour of your time working at the front table, you get free admission to that night’s dance.

Where can I park?
There is a parking lot diagonally across the street. There is also plenty of on-street parking.

Are there nearby places to eat before or after the dance?
Check out our where to eat page for some suggestions.

Do you offer weekly or private lessons?
Check out our lessons page.

Can you suggest some good swing dance music to buy?
Check out our musical suggestions page.