Annual Dance Survey

Thank you for answering the survey. We had over 200 respondents. Below are the results.

1. Did you attend the Farewell Dance in 2013?


Yes: 73%

No: 27%

2. Did you attend the Farewell Dance in 2014?


Yes: 50%

No: 50%

3. Would you attend future annual dances?


Yes: 97%

No: 3%

4. Which date would you prefer?


October: 54%

November: 46%

5. Would you still attend if there was just one band?


Yes: 87%

No: 2%

Maybe: 11%

5. What is the most you would pay for one band?


$15: 24%

$17: 21%

$20: 55%


One comment on “Annual Dance Survey
  1. Suzie Glantz says:

    Looks to me as if most people would LOVE you to continue these dances – be they farewell or simply a swing dance with one bad!
    Frankly, I think the October date might be better in view of weather! Having said that, this is New England and who knows!?!?!
    Take good care and hope the holiday season blesses you with joy, love, and goodness!